3 Rituals for Relaxation

I wish Bad Boyz & Jeremih were right and a little bit of “woosah” was all I needed to release stress and relax. Unfortunately, it takes a little bit more than that to be at peace and in a state of serenity. For many of us dealing with mental anxieties and whatnot, 100% carefree isn’t a realistic goal to reach. And performing these rituals alone won’t magically erase every problem in your life. But they have helped me nonetheless. If you’re looking for some extra clarity, try these three rituals for relaxation.

What’s The Tea?

A good cup of warm tea is a quick way to take you out of the elements and calm down. For an extra punch, grab a pouch of green tea, as it possesses a chemical specifically known to reduce anger.

Lights Out…Shhhh

Close your eyes and sit in silence to clear your mind and get rid of some of the chaos that comes from day-to-day stress. Get comfortable and regain your focus.

Ice, Ice, Baby

This one sounds outlandish, but hear me out because it’s good. Drip some cold water on your wrists as a cheap and quick way to calm your whole self. That area under your skin is quick route to the rest of your body.

There are lots of ways to gain more clarity and calmness to take life on better each day. What are some of your tactics?




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