How a #BeAPineapple Pivoted My Life

When I first declared that pineapples would be my “thing,” I never really expected it to become so much of a staple in the way  live my life. What started out as a cutesy symbol to use as a logo that referenced my sunny spirit and one of my favorite hairstyles, quickly became a means for thriving. Since my initial #BeAPineapple Instagram post and corresponding blog, I’ve received dozens of Snapchats, DMs, text messages and even gifts of various pineapple products around the world. When people see something about pineapples on social media, they tag me with a genuine “I thought of you!” It’s wild to me, but in the best of ways.

To #BeAPineapple means to embody three crucial things:

  1. Stand tall
  2. Be sweet on the inside
  3. Wear a crown

It means staying true to yourself, being proud of how far you’ve come, and ultimately living your best life. Now, whenever I see a pineapple on a shirt or even in the grocery store, I am reminded of the promise I made to myself to #BeAPineapple everyday. When I started thinking of new logo designs for Siez The Day, the pineapple was always the center of my vision. Being a pineapple keeps me on my toes because I am always encouraged – either by others or myself – to better myself everyday. I want to be kinder to others everyday. I want to help others more often. I want to ‘boss up’ in every definition of the term.


Today, I turn 22. Today, I also walk into a new chapter of my life and and thousands more opportunities to #BeAPineapple everyday. Thank you all for every time you’ve tagged me, messaged me, or etc. when a pineapple made you think of me. It’s part of what keeps me pushing on, because it’s a huge part of that promise.

Siez The Day Logo

Maybe for you, that ‘thing,’ is something else. I know some of you find solace in lemon/lemonade visuals for obvious reasons. Some of you don’t find ties to any type of food at all, for it may be a quote, a painting, or a person. Whatever your ‘thing’ is, allow it to forever help push you to be greater.




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