Beauty Products I’ve Got My Eye On

I’ll never forget when, in 4th grade, my teacher asked me “Why are your lips shining?” after I came out of the bathroom. I had recently gotten a new roller lip gloss – with glitter. I might have been a little excited and I might have put a little too much on.

All these years later, and not much has changed. I still get super excited when I get a new beauty product. Heck, I get excited at merely seeing photos of products that I don’t even have. I love that about beauty, it creates a community of people who love to tell stories through their hair, face, and more.

Speaking of getting excited about products, here’s a few that make me really excited when I think about what they do (did I mention that today is my birthday?).

FORM Beauty Hair Products

Tristan Walker shook the industry with Bevel. Now, he’s allowed the femmes on his team to shake it again with customized hair products via FORM Beauty. I’d love to hear from their experts what my hair needs the most. Can be purchased at Sephora.

Pat McGrath’s new Matte Lipstick Line

Listen. This new lip line, LUST,  is to die for. McGrath’s MatteTrance lipsticks have an unbeatable pigment. And they’re so, so pretty. I’ve got to have this in my makeup bag pronto. Can be purchased at Sephora.

Yes to Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal Mud Mask

I’m really big on my skin…kinda. While my ancestors blessed me with naturally clear skin, I do love taking care of it as well. Yes To [   ] products are some of my favorite across the board, so this mask looks like something I need to be in my possession. Can be purchased at Ulta.

Anastasia Beverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade

This one isn’t new by any means. I’m sure most of you reading this already have this in your arsenal. BUT I don’t have it, and every living second of watching YouTube videos makes me want it more. Can be purchased at Sephora.

Halal Paint Nail Polish Line

This is a shout out to my Muslim femmes. Orly partnered with to bring a Halal friendly nail polish line to the world of beauty. And the colors are so cute! Can be purchased here.

Honestly, I can’t look at this list too long without becoming Spongebob in that infamous water episode:

Image result for spongebob i need it gif

I can’t help it! Though it may not be the newest roller lip gloss with glitter, new (and pretty) products really get me excited. I’d love to know what products you’re dying to have or already have and love!




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