Level Up: Completion & Graduation

Welcome to the new and improved Bridge to– whoops! I guess I should address that right off the bat: I’m on to the next one.

For those of you who weren’t aware, I graduated from undergrad almost 2 months ago! It was one of the most vividly beautiful times of my life, and truly a weekend I’ll never forget. As I wrote my first post-grad blog post on the Bridge to Bliss, I realized something pretty cool: 2017 marks 7 years since I started the Bridge to Bliss and began my life as a blogger. Yep! 7 years ago, a high school freshman Sierra embarked on a journey that has been so wonderfully nuanced. The Bridge to Bliss has been there through my darkest times, my brightest times, my travels, my meals, my favorite outfits, and more. But 7 signifies completion. And I think it’s more than coincidence that the B2B’s 7 year anniversary fell on the same year as my college graduation. Which is also 2017. So, I bring to you the new and improved journey.

Ya girl is one degree hotter!

While a lot is different (and I’ll get to that later), a lot is still very much the same. I’m still the bright-eyed, ambitious, and life loving girl who started her first blog 7 years ago. I’m still dedicating this blog to taking on life in the most marvelous fashion, and I’m still beyond transparent about how I maneuver my destiny.

Remember that time I ate authentic Argentine empanadas…IN Argentina? Cause, I do.

But I hope what’s different will excite you as much as it does me. I’ve experienced a multitude of growth in the past 7 years. Not only have I graduated high school, but I’m a (fresh) college graduate. I’ve risen to breathtaking heights, and fallen to unthinkable depths. I have lived, baby. And where I stand now is so distinct, that I can’t help but move forward with a fancy new slate.

I type all of this to say, ultimately, thank you for rocking with me for as long as you have. Whether you’ve been a subscriber since my ‘Song of the Week’ days, or started keeping following to keep track of where in the world I am, I appreciate you. I’ve got tons of more content coming your way, with even higher highs and lower lows. I’ve got more transparency, now with a hint of #adulting.

I’m seizing Siezing the day. Let’s get it.




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