Reclaiming My Dime – OOTD

Let me just be honest with you all: I don’t have the lavish funds necessary to be posting shopping hauls to create new outfits with. Hey, I’m not opposed to the possibility of that one day becoming the life I live, but as is, I have to be resourceful with what I have.

So this OOTD is brought to you by a bunch of things that were already in my closet! It’s a great time for fashion right now – we’re right at the transition from summer to fall. So mixing and matching various styles is a great way to bring a fresh outlook to your wardrobe.


This look combines fall staples such as a leather jacket and some good maroon lipstick with a summer go-to, a nice denim skirt. Bring it all together with a classic white button up and just like that, someone’s ready to be the belle of the ball. Learn the deets of this outfit below!

  • Leather jacket – Forever 21
  • White button up – H&M
  • Denim skirt – Custom by Nadia Boone
  • Heels – Forever 21
  • Lipstick – ColourPop in LAX
  • Hair – Details here


And just like that, I’m Instagram-worthy without spending any extra money. If you really want to know how resourceful I am, can we talk about how this photo location is the staircase leading to my apartment’s trash shoot? Lemonade out of lemons, family. It’s a lifestyle.



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