Gems From Oprah’s Interview with LinkedIn

As I maneuvered my daily shuffle through LinkedIn, I came across an episode of the career site’s Influencer Interview series in which the LinkedIn founder interviewed Oprah.

I’m not gonna lie – I was expecting the video to be a bit cliché and unrelatable (because she’s Oprah freaking Winfrey). But instead I ended up being so pleasantly surprised…and not only surprised, inspired. As a young Black woman in media, this video spoke to me on so many levels. I found myself doing that “yes girl!” nod every 5 seconds or so. The fact that I could relate with Oprah on so much, from hard work to belief to even hardships? Blew my mind in the best of ways.

Now, I’m all inspired and ready to take on the world – and maybe LinkedIn – again. Here are some of the key tidbits that pushed me forward the most.

1- Create The Vision and Make it Plain

This one is actually pretty funny, because my mom told me this same thing not long ago. Well, she actually typed it in response to one of my Instagram Stories, but the point here is the universe is clearly trying to get this through my head.

2- Be Intentional

This one makes me want to hit a little church two-step so bad. When you do something, DO it. Don’t half-ass it, don’t kinda-sorta do it. Commit to your development. To make “it” happen you have to do the work, with purpose.

3- Be Open to Change & Blessings

Oprah spoke on her reasoning to finally end The Oprah Show with this piece of advice. She got to the point where everything felt mundane. She realized that she met her goals for that specific show, and it was time to level up and grab the next set of blessings ahead of her. We can’t disguise fear as ‘comfortability’ and ultimately sabotage our own advancement.

4- I Have Everything I Need

I just need to go ahead and put this on a sticky note, and also make it my phone screen. Imposter syndrome can often make us feel like we don’t deserve to be where we are, and we don’t deserve the dreams we have. But honestly, you deserve both, and not only that, you’ve got it all in you.

5- You Can’t Force Change in Everyone

Let me repeat that. You cannot change everyone!! In Oprah’s case, sometimes Nazis/Skinheads will always be racist, so bringing them onto the show just gives their hatred a platform. Similarly, we have to stop this euphemistic belief that everyone is just a conversation away from being a better person. Let’s get a little wiser.

6- Use Your Gifts to Their Fullest Extent

This one especially goes out to my fellow women. Don’t hold back your shine because it might make someone else uncomfortable. They will deal! Whatever you’ve been blessed with, whether writing or singing or even doing nails, don’t hold back!

There’s so many other gems in this video, and there are also two videos to follow it. I highly recommend watching them and bookmarking them when you’re feeling down on your luck.

Until next time,




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