Gotta Have It: This Week’s #WANTED Beauty List

Cheers to a new feature on Siez The Day! This post begins a series of beauty product round-ups I’ll be listing each week as part of the #WANTED List. Keep reading to learn about products, new and old, that I’ll be seeking out, reviewing, and more!

Don’t trust anyone who tells you beauty is a pointless investment. Anything that helps you admire the person looking back at you in the mirror can’t be pointless (beauty standards, on the other hand, is another discussion).

Here are a few products I’ve got my eyes on and my makeup bag ready to grab:

1- MAC Strobe Cream in Peachlite

I’m not a big foundation girl. Well, let me be clear, foundation is not fond of me. My skin reacts horribly to most foundation formulas, and I don’t like the spotty appearance foundation dependence gives me. So this Strobe Cream, which adds a glow to dull skim and uses green tea powers to improve skin, is just what I need. Purchase at ULTA here.

2- Morphe Brush Rose Gold Collection

I don’t care who knows it and calls me basic: I love rose gold. It complements just about every color, and is just so nice to look at. This set features every brush imaginable that you’ll need, no matter if you’re a beauty novice or know-it-all. Purchase online here.

3- The Lip Bar Metallic Lipstick in HBIC

What I love about this lipstick is its flexibility. It can be worn traditionally on the lips, but the model also wears it as an eye shadow!! Also, as the temperatures begin to drop and it gets dark earlier, I’ll want to grab a lippie that will offer just as much wow factor after hours as it does during my 9-5. Purchase online here.

4- Fenty Beauty KILLAWATT Highlighter in…all of them

Now you KNOW I had to show some love to Rih Rih with her latest win -Fenty Beauty! The KILLAWATT highlighter has the internet ablaze, and I definitely need to be on fire with some of these shades. Trophy Wife definitely seems to be the most popular, but I’m loving the rose colored pigments as well. Purchase online here.

5- Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herb and Rosewater

Okay, I already have this product, and let me tell you it is truly a GOAT. It’s so light, and gives the freshest feeling of skin. I’m a diehard fan of anything including Aloe because it’s just so good for you, and this spray does anything but disappoint. Purchase at ULTA here.

Tune in next week for the next #WANTED Beauty List!



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