#ThisWeek – Make Sure You Know WTFGO

This week was something, to say the least. At times, it’s hard to keep up with everything. That’s why you have me.

Introducing #ThisWeek, a new Twitter exclusive series I’m starting for Siez The Day. My goal is to bring a culturally relevant take on the news that graces your timeline every week, and to ultimately start conversations across topic lines. And I’m not waiting on traditional media companies to give me a mic.

See the first #ThisWeek by clicking HERE! And keep reading for more trending topics:

1- Brianna Brochu chose a racist, disgusting way of egging her roommate to move out & is sorta kinda being punished. Read here.

2- #Pizzagate is here…who knew pizza could get so political? Shame on you, Papa John. Read here.

3- If Hillary Clinton’s book is titled ‘What Really Happened,’ Donna Brazile’s should be titled ‘What Really REALLY Happened.” She says she has receipts, too. Read here.

4- Because 2+2= banana, Condé Nast though firing a bunch of people and closing down Teen Vogue’s print edition. Read here.

5- QUEEN! Willow Smith released an EP so very ahead of its time. Read/listen here.

6- The reason I’m putting all this effort into my own content is because depending on billionaires to be ethical is stressful. In today’s news, the news is being attacked. RIP, DNAinfo. Read here.

7- For 11 minutes, life was good. But now 45 is back on Twitter. WHO IS THE MOCKINGJAY? Read here.

8- I’ll be living vicariously through everyone who can afford the new iPhone X. Send pics! I know they’ll be HD. Read here.

That’s all from me! What are you talking about? And please do keep tuning in to #ThisWeek and all my other content endeavors!



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