This Week is NOW #SiezTheWeek – Watch!

Welcome  back to Siez The Day!! If you were here a week ago, saw my last post, and/or follow me on Twitter, you saw that I recently started a video series on Twitter. There aren’t many places (as of YET- you hear that universe?) willing to throw resouces at me for my journalism, content creation, and Africana studies backgrounds, so until then I’m using my own resources and platform(s)!

Thus, #ThisWeek was born. “Okay, well what’s with Siez The Week, then?” you may be asking. The good thing about projects like these, is I can change and adapt things as I learn. Specifically, after I learned that the ‘this week’ hashtag on Twitter is awfully saturated, I knew I could change the name to reflect something more representative of my ~brand~. And according to a poll, most of my viewers agreed! So, #ThisWeek went through some thangs and #SiezTheWeek is here to stay…maybe.

I’m talking entertainment, politics, community/ies, activism, ALL OF IT – today!


And here some more news you might have missed:

1- Black Panther is not playing with us, as is made obvious by these new character posters they’ve released. Click HERE to read more.

2- In today’s edition of WTF and ‘was it worth it?,’ a man had to fake his own death because his wife was going to kill him. Yep, you read that correctly. Read more HERE.

3- Rihanna did what? Correction – she did THAT, twice. In fashion, culture, AND beauty. Read more HERE and HERE.

4- Maybe, just maybe, if Twitter actually listened to the concerns of its users, things would be okay. But instead, they do THIS.

5- If you don’t know astrology, I would advise you Google ‘Jupiter in Scorpio.’ It helps to make sense of a lot of otherwise nonsensical things. Like Sia leaking her own nudes. Yep, read more HERE.

6- What a surprise: the guy who loves meaningless uses of the n-word in his films has been accused of doing OTHER freaking terrible things. TW- sexual assault. Read more HERE.


8- Some fool a) robbed a bank b) wearing blackface and c) didn’t even run off with any money. Read more HERE.

9- #DontTouchMyHair. Lupita N’yongo posted on Instagram about Grazia UK photoshopping out her glorious kinks and curls in the finalized cover photo. Needless to say, she isn’t pleased. Read more HERE.

What else are you talking from the week?




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