I Don’t Dance Now, I Make #STUNNA Moves!


Well, just one in particular: The highly coveted and newly-releases Stunna Lip Paint from Fenty Beauty has everyone wondering: how will it stand up to other iconic reds? And while Rihanna has an almost proven ability to kill everything she puts her hands on, the realm of red lipsticks is no easy hill to climb. Wondering some of my favorite red lipsticks?

  • Ruby Woo by MAC
  • Cherry Blossom by Coloured Raine
  • Bawse Lady by The Lip Bar

Has ‘Stunna’ joined the ranks? Keep reading to learn, friends.


Gorgeous!!! The top is rose gold, reflective, and simple. The bottom, which holds the product, is sturdy and clear as glass. There is a LOT of product in one tube! By the looks of it alone, ‘STUNNA,’ is the perfect name of choice.


The applicator brush is über distinct within the makeup realm. Aerodynamic with a slight slant, the product glides on like a dream. One wipe of lipstick and your lips are fully covered, meaning there will be no ‘re-d0’ areas unless…keep reading!


UNBEATABLE!!!! The saying “a little goes a long way,” is the perfect way to describe this lippie. As aforementioned, one swipe of product and your lip is completely covered! Very opaque. The pigment dries a little bit darker than when first applied, which is what made me actually like it (the wet color of the lipstick is ehhh).


This is where most of my critiques fall. I mistakenly wiped my swatched hand on my sweater and STUNNA was all of a sudden everywhere. Later on, I ate a piece of chicken, and the lipstick was all over my chin (and the chicken). So I doubt it passes the Apple Test. If I were to wear this for a night out on the town, I would probably do a little bit of setting spray before leaving the house.


In comparison to the aforementioned reds up top, STUNNA is a lot less blue based. I’m not sure if it’s a thing, but in my opinion STUNNA is a mix of orangey and purpley. The blues are there, but not suuuuuper there if you get me. It’s a red of its own, not a replacement red. The way it dries is not as much of a stark matte as, say, Ruby Woo. It is a matter lip, but with some light reflective properties, but not in a suede manner.

Fenty's 'STUNNA'
A lipstick comparison in direct sunlight, no flash.

To me, STUNNA is a Christmas red, whereas Ruby Woo is a Little Black Dress Date Night red, and Cherry Blossom is a television appearance red. Sierra, what the what? I know, but to me that all makes sense, lol.


I like it!!! It’s going to take a few more wears until I add it to my trusted arsenal of “always trusted red lipsticks,” but today while I was wearing it, I felt fierce and confident. And that’s an indicator of a good red if I’ve ever known one.

I’m a fan of bold reds, so I don’t usually opt for a liner unless I’m intentionally going for an ombré look, so this review didn’t really speak to that. But I am aware that different people prefer different things (re: pigment, undertones, etc.). So I would love to read and/or watch your thoughts!

Did you purchase STUNNA? If so, how do you like yours (and post selfies in the comments!). If not, are you thinking of getting it?

What are your favorite red lipsticks? What do you look for in a red lipstick?

Until next time,





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  1. Love the title of your post! I’m definitely thinking about getting Stunna. It just looks really unique, and I love the packaging. Also, I totally get your description of the different types of reds 🙂


    1. Sierra Boone says:

      Thank you!! The packaging really is the icing on top. And I am SO, so glad you do! Haha

      Liked by 1 person

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