WATCH: Finding Your Mission

These days, it seems impossible to begin any meaningful conversation with someone without “so, what do you do?” being asked. So much of our identity has come to depend on where we go to ‘work’. And though I think a lot of fulfillment comes from the work we do, I don’t think we put our focus into the right reason why.

Tweet: “It’s time to get mission-minded. The world needs us to be as self-aware as possible right now.” -@SierraLBoone

Take someone who is unemployed, for example. Or someone, like myself, who is not traditionally employed. I work an arbitrary mix of retail, freelance, and side hustle. Some of you might feel sorry for me, but I have grown to learn that my purpose doesn’t depend on where I make the most money. What does that mean?

I am mission-minded. That means I honor every day as a part of my larger journey. I actively move forward to use my talents and interests in the best way that they can serve the greater world. This enlightenment is honestly what helped me to bridge my seemingly unalike interests of journalism & activism. So much of what you learn about journalism forbids the principles of reasoning used in sociology, Africana studies, and more. But I find that, and especially now, there is a huge need for a focus on truth rather than objectivity. That it is more imperative to be fair than un-biased. Frankly, call a duck a duck, a chicken a chicken…and a Nazi, a Nazi.

Tweet: “I am mission minded.” -@SierraLBoone

Anywho, you may be wondering how you can become mission-minded. Truth be told, there is no one concrete answer. It takes a lot of self-reflection and internal conversation to get to the root of why you are here today. But what I hope is that this will be a start.

I definitely recommend this visual piece by The School of Life. It’s time to get mission-minded. The world needs us to be as self-aware as possible right now. What will you do?



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