VIDEO: Are You Doing Protective Styles Wrong?

Listen, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me for hair advice, I would be writing this blog from a fancy loft and not a Midwestern living room. Luckily, I love helping y’all with your hair inquiries.

Alas, many of the questions I get regard hair health and how to get better and having it. And lots of folks know that many of the most detrimental things regarding hair health involve:

  • Hand-in-hair syndrome (STOP TOUCHING YOUR HAIR ALL THE TIME)
  • Too much abrasive styling (You! Yes, you. Step away from the flat iron.)
  • Simple carelessness (Tell me more about how you’re a ‘lazy natural’ and your hair won’t grow?)
  • Not doing protective styles right (Keep reading for this drag)

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good protective style. They’re honestly my go to when I’m trying to give Solace a break. But just like literally everything else, protective styling has to be done efficiently and in moderation for you to reap all the benefits.

Some of you may be wondering “how can you possibly do protective styling wrong? It’s protective!” Well, just a few harmful protective style practices include:

  • Not protecting your hair at night (you still should be sleeping with a bonnet, sis)
  • Leaving a single style in too long (our hair gets stressed and needs a break just like we do)
  • Not moisturizing in the mean time (at least oil your scalp)


Taking the styles down incorrectly! Did you know a huge portion of breakage happens during the take down stage? You can be too aggressive, not using the right methods or tools, and much more.

If you want to know the keys of taking down a protective style, you’ve GOT to watch this video from my channel giving the 4-1-1. Watch as I transition from box braids to a full, healthy ‘fro below:


What are your favorite protective styles? Let me know in the comments!



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