On Trusting the Universe and Living in Your Purpose

Are you here to watch the rest of that video? Well, it’s HERE. Enjoy.

I know I’m not the first and won’t be the last to say “everything comes full circle,” with regards to life. There are so many déjá vu moments we experience when life at any given moment is directly related to the joys and/or sorrows of yesteryear. For me, at least, it helps to know that none of my efforts are truly in vain. My success today was made possible by work I’ve done in the past. My success tomorrow is being made possible by the work I’m putting in today.

In other words, we’re sorta kinda telling our own futures with how we use the tools we’ve been given today. It’s scary as ever — but it’s also one of the most exciting feelings.

I wrote a little while ago about supporting the dreamers around you. Now, we’re going to pivot to focus on what it means to ‘support’ your own dreams. How do you provide yourself with the tools you need to succeed? How do you get around to defining what success even means for yourself?

It’s a bit of a contradictory balance if I do say so myself. While there is a great deal of planning, strategizing, and working towards a goal, there is just as much focus on flexibility and having enough self-confidence to keep riding the waves of life when life isn’t going as planned. As always, I’ll use my own life as an example:

While I was waiting to secure a full-time job, I spent that time perfecting my craft, building my brand, and expanding my network among many other things. This included picking up some freelance work, getting a retail position to save up $$$, and creating content regularly across all Siez The ____ channels. But never once did I lose sight of the vision, even if I was in a position that I had so-called planned myself to avoid. Out of this “hustle while you wait,” season came Siez The Week, more lifestyle bylines, and I even maneuvered my way to become the main intercom announcement maker for my JoAnn’s location.


“Hi, welcome to JoAnn! I’m Sierra, how may I inspire you?”


And now, as I reflect on both my current position and how I plan on elevating myself next, I look back on how I’ve prepared myself to get there. Long story short: everything I’ve done thus far, even the things I didn’t even enjoy doing, has built me up in some way, shape or form. Which leads me to dive deeper into the title of this blog.

(Photos from L-R: Me and my mentees from Medill Media Teens, me playing a “Silly Girl” in my high school’s rendition of Beauty & the Beast, me creating blog content in San Francisco, my summer 2016 headshot featured in CRWN Magazine)

Trusting the universe and living in your purpose. What does that mean, exactly? Well, I’ve talked about each of these in a few separate blog posts on finding your mission, manifesting your best life, staying in the game when the going gets tough and more. This could possibly be a culmination of all that posts, but will probably continue to grow as I continue to grow. But here’s the 411 on trusting the universe: you can’t be conditionally trusting. It just won’t work.

What does ‘conditionally trustworthy’ mean?

It means you might say you trust the process, but your levels of type-A worrying and stressing and questioning show otherwise. You don’t actually trust the process as far as you can throw it, and that’s no bueno. Remember what I said earlier about every step you make influencing how your life is formed? Believing that means constantly questioning your path shouldn’t even be an option. Now, since I’m not a bubble gumdrop blogger (aka one who dismisses real life concerns for a faux sense of positivity), I’ll tell you that I have (and many times) doubted my positioned, questioned the process, and did all but throw in the towel.

But I didn’t throw in the towel.

I’m not saying you’re not allowed to get down and out sometimes. What I am saying is, make sure you eventually come back up and in. This is your life we’re talking about.


Now, on living in your purpose. There really is no blueprint for this, as is the same with most of life’s most important topics. If anyone had the answers, none of us would be in our current predicaments (except maybe Oprah or Beyoncé). Living in your purpose is composed of a bunch of trial and error, and more importantly about taking the time to take stock of what you’ve learned. And living in your purpose is actually a part of trusting the process because get this: your purpose is a process, and with each step, we become better acquainted with ourselves. click to tweet

As I was going through my various creations, I found this video from years ago during my time in high school. I combined my love for journalistic storytelling with personable and interactive performance to tell the story of my high school’s history. I also helped craft the narrative by co-editing it! Honestly, going back to look at my past work has always helped to inspire me when I need some motivation and insight on who I am and what my life work is. I would highly recommend you go find that piece of work you did from years ago that you could very well cringe while watching (omg, the quality of that video? yikes.) because what you’ll find is that fervor to create even when you didn’t necessarily have the answers or resources. I don’t know about you, but that’s enough to give me strength any day.

So why did I write all of this? Because I believe that when we operate as our best selves, not only does it benefit us, but it also benefits society. Like my family likes to say, “each one, reach one.” I’m also very excited to practice what I preach and support the dreams of my tribe. What is it you were meant to do, and how can I support you? It’s the key to a strong and thriving community.

Until next time,



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