FREE DOWNLOAD: Manifestation Worksheet!

Lots of wonderful things are just on the other side of the bridge (of life), and I want to make sure we all really know what it takes to get to that other side. This isn’t a standalone blog post, it’s a synthesis of different keys you can be using right now to bring your desires to fruition, or to at LEAST get on the right path to more wins!!

This weekend, not only does Mercury go direct, but there’s also a new moon in the first sign of the zodiac! In other words, we have more than enough opportunity to live our best lives! (Note: I am NOT an astrologer! For relatable, realistic, and holistic insights, look to folks like Chani Nicholas, Ashleigh D. Johnson, The Meccanism, Tatianna Tarot, The Jessica Dore, and others!)

Are you ready? Here we go:

  • Read this!
  • Then, head over and read/watch this.
  • Finally, give this a read!

I’ve also created a worksheet based on how I take a different approach to spirituality (astrology, numerology, tarot) and functionally integrate them into my life.

Sis, I need that!




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