Love Beauty? Love Social Justice? You’ll LOVE This:

Welcome to 2019, all!!! I’ve already been pretty reflective on the year that is now behind us, but wow β€” 2018 really showed up and out for me. Last year at this time, I was depressed, not employed in my field, and living with my parents in suburban Michigan. To keep it quaint, I felt like a failure. Now, I don’t mean to bum you out, because things clearly got much better, but I think in order to truly appreciate where I am, I have to acknowledge where I came from, and not from a place of shame, but from a place of peace. I’m at peace with that part of my life, because what came after it was a whole lot of winning.


  • Moved to New York City
  • Got a fellowship at the #1 selling language app in the world
  • Worked tirelessly on putting my pride aside to rekindle and make meaningful relationships
  • Met a dope group of women who are now my roommates
  • Signed my first New York lease
  • Got a personally-crafted job doing what I love
  • and so, so much more

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2018 was wonderful for me. But 2019 is going to make last year pale in comparison. With the momentum of the wins from last year, I came into this year 10x better. And part of that is because of a personal creative project I’m so stoked to announce to you all here at Siez The Day…..

(are you ready for this?)

Introducing, BEAUMANITIES!

beaumanities logo w text

Beaumanities is an IGTV show morphing together two of my favorite interests: beauty and humanities. Now, you may be asking…

“Why This?”:

  • I realized not too long ago that something in common between these two interests is that there’s always something to learn, and thus always something to misinterpret as well. Sometimes we use a concealer shade that’s definitely not for us, other times we may hold an opinion that’s harmful to another community. Bottom line: this show will help people work through important topics about the world, all while looking good for themselves.

“Why You?”:

  • Because this is completely my jam! As an Africana Studies minor (with a concentration in sociology) in undergrad, I witnessed first hand how ignorance isn’t so bliss at all. And because a lot of the resources to education are kept so exclusive, many people are walking around without a clue as to how their beliefs affect others. And from a beauty perspective, I know my way around that maze too. From deeply studying multicultural beauty in Silicon Valley, to helping establish the brand that is CRWN Magazine, beauty is truly what I do. Plus, marrying social justice and beauty isn’t new to me. Check the receipts here, here and here.

“Why Now?”:

  • Why not now? As far as personal goals go, I’ve been trying to find my place in using my knowledge of media and social for greater good for a while now. I’ve also been really interested in starting an on-camera career for years (I’m talking Bridge to Bliss days). Last year, while I was still in Michigan, I used iMovie, my bedroom and a zebra shower curtain to produce a Twitter show about news and culture. It wasn’t the best quality, but I learned a lot about my interests and I got way better at skills such as memorizing scripts. And when I look at some of my favorite creators such as Issa Rae and Jackie Aina, what they have in common is that they didn’t wait around for someone else to give them a platform. They used whatever resources they had available to them and made it do what it does because that’s what they’re passionate about. THAT is what it’s about. Also, Instagram is about to invest big time in IGTV, so why not try to navigate this new landscape in a creative way?

If you like what you see, I’d love for you to follow my newest creative endeavor over on Instagram HERE!!!

Are you a beauty babe? Send me your best looks to be posted on the Beaumanities profile (especially to my POC fam)!!

Until next time,



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